Senior Staff

Dan Williams-Capone
ecutive Director

Dan Williams-Capone's involvement with Meals on Wheels Victoria began in 2011 when he and his children volunteered as Friday delivery drivers on what is now the Midtown route. In 2016 he made the leap from volunteer to Executive Director. He brings with him a passion for helping people, a background orchestrating organizational change gathered across a variety of contexts, and a focus on client experience as a decision driver. At Meals on Wheels Victoria he has worked to increase program efficiency and effectiveness. In April 2019 he joined the board of Meals on Wheels Texas.


Diana Alarcon
Director of Operations    

Diana Alarcon has been part of Meals on Wheels Victoria since 2012 when she began as an assistant in the front office. She has occupied a number of roles at the agency. As Direictor of Operations, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the home delivered and congregate meal programs.


Brenda Amaya
Kitchen Manager

Brenda Amaya has recently became part of Meals on Wheels Victoria in October 2020, responsible for the kitchen and the preparation of food for all of our programs.